Bind the painful DNS system

Hi Guys,

Over the years we have had a number of issues with the Bind system, over one thing or another.

But now we seem to have an issue that we just can't seem to get to the bottom of.

picture this scenario, one master DNS server and two slaves. On the master there was a manually created zone which transfered over to one Slave but had issues getting to th other, so we deleted the zone and recreated it.

Now here is the interesting bit, the zone does transfer to both slaves but not with the new DNS config but the original one we deleted when we removed the zone.

And every time we repeat the delete and recreate we get the exact same result, zone transfers but with the old zone details.

Any Ideas? could there be a cached copy of the zone somewhere? or is it not deleting the zone properly?

Any help would be appreciated.





Howdy -- could you describe the process you're using both to delete that domain, as well as to add a new one?

You mentioned that you're manually doing that, but hearing the steps involved might aid us in determining what's going on there. Thanks!

Hi Sorry for the late reply

The zones are created and deleted by logging into webmin and then going to the BIND module then clicking on "create master zone" to deleted the zone we repeat but instead we go to the created zone and click on the "delete zone" button in the module.

As Peter said above the zone seems to be deleted on all systems as I have tried looking for the zone after I delete it and the module says its deleted (did this check on master and both slaves). But If I try and recreate the zone with random info the zone is created with this random info on the master but both slaves are recreated with the old zone information that was supposedly deleted.

Thanks Michael

Thanks for the additional info!

After setting up the DNS zone as you describe above, is the DNS on the master server correct? The issue is just on the slaves?

Lastly, how are you seeing those older values on the slaves... do you see those by performing a DNS lookup against that server, or are you actually seeing the DNS zone file on the slave servers?

Yes after setting up the Described zone The DNS on the Master server is correct.

The values on the slave servers are incorrect in the actuall DNS zone file on the server, we have checked.