Script Installer Versions

One of the reasons we purchased the pro version was to help keep common software up to date using the script installers provided with pro.

I see that the "ownCloud" max version is still at "8.0.0", which was released in February. The current version is "8.0.2" which was released March 11th. What is your policy in incrementing the version numbers of software in your supported installer scripts?

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Howdy -- Jamie built a series of custom tools that tell us whenever a piece of software included in the Install Scripts is updated.

Whenever a new release is detected, we'll update that usually within a few days, so that you're able to update it using the Install Scripts.

Alas, every once in awhile one of those falls through the cracks for one reason or another. Sometimes the way they perform releases changes in a way that breaks our detection tools, and we don't discover that until someone like yourself let's us know exactly like you did here today.

We're sorry about the delay in updating ownCloud!

However, we appreciate you letting us know, and we're looking into both providing an update for that, as well as determining why the new release wasn't detected automatically.

I'm passing this along to Jamie for further comment.

Thanks for the heads up - for some reason, the ownCloud download page was denying access to my script that checks for new versions. However, I have updated our script repository, and your Virtualmin system should pick up the new version within 24 hours.

Thanks a bunch, it shows the new version

This issue is showing up again. "8.0.3" has been released since May 1st and it's not showing as an upgrade in Virtualmin.

Thanks - the new version will appear in Virtualmin shortly. Annoyingly, ownCloud seems to make it impossible for us to check their site for the latest version :-(


I'll just leave this here:

wget -qO - | egrep "<h3>Version" | head -1 | awk '{print $2}'

Update again please

New version will be available shortly.

Unfortunately their site (or maybe their CDN) has blocked the IP of our system that checks for new versions :-(

If you click on the script in Virtualmin, does it offer an upgrade to 8.0.4 ?

Do you have automatic download of script updates enabled? It's at System Settings -> Script Installers -> Installer Updates.

New versions out.

Has anyone at virtualmin contacted them to see about unblocking the IP?

Thanks - I have figured out a work-around for their IP block, and will release a new installer supporting version 8.1.1 shortly.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

For owncloud, since 7.0.4 is a supported version you need to click on the script (from your second screenshot), and then you'll be prompted to upgrade to 8.1.1..

8.2.2 has been out for over a month now (8.2.1 even longer) and virtualmin is still showing 8.2.0 as the latest version.

This has been an ongoing issue for nearly a year now. If it's the same issue with their CDN blocking your IP, could you setup your scripts to notify you when it's been blocked a few consecutive times?

Thanks for pointing this out - there was an unrelated issue that prevented us from detecting minor versions of owncloud :-( This should be fixed now though.