can't ssh into EC2 Virtualmin Pro instance launched via AWS Management Console

hi there

I launched ami-6d4ca904 via AWS Management Console and can see from the console that the instance is running ok alongside another instance (Ubuntu server) which was launched using the same keypair. I can ssh into the Ubuntu instance without any problem. But I cannot ssh into the Virtualmin instance. No error messages from my terminal. I type into the terminal:
ssh -i /home/robert/ec2-keys/my-private-key.pem root@ec2-***-***-**-***
and get no further.

Also when I try to access Virtualmin via firefox:
I get a timeout page load error.

Is this a problem with the Virtualmin AMI or with the AWS Management Console? I really really don't want to mess around using ec2-api-tools... if I can't use a GUI to launch instances, I'm out of the game. I'll try launching ami-6d4ca904 via elasticfox next to see if I can get any further...


Closed (fixed)