RHEL7 and Apache 2.4.6 CentOS

Hi Guys, We've just completed a fresh RHEL7 install and all is OK except that is there any reason you don't use the standard repositories for Apache that come with RHEL7?

Looking at the versions installed we have:

$ rpm -qa | grep httpd

But the RHEL7 own versions are:


The RHEL7 own versions are several minor versions ahead of the centos packages.

Thanks, Pete



Howdy -- for CentOS 7 and RHEL 7, the Apache package does indeed come from our repository.

We use the standard package from CentOS 7, which should be the same as the one in RHEL7, with one minor tweak -- the one in the Virtualmin repository has the suexec execution path changed to work from /home, rather than /var/www that RHEL and CentOS normally use.

Thanks for letting us know that the minor versions are behind, that may mean our package hasn't been updated for some reason. I'll talk to Joe and we'll get a new version pushed out soon.