creating an ssl site adds superfluous NameVirtualHost lines


I already have the following two lines in my apache configuration:

NameVirtualHost *:80 NameVirtualHost *:443

When I create a site as a reseller and select the "setup ssl website too?" option under enabled features, the following lines are appended to the apache2.conf file: (ip addresses obscured on purpose)

NameVirtualHost <ipv4>:80 NameVirtualHost <ipv4>:443

When I create an site as user root using the same method, the following lines are added:

NameVirtualHost <ipv4>:80 NameVirtualHost <ipv4>:443 NameVirtualHost <ipv6>:80 NameVirtualHost <ipv6>:443

Note the two additional ipv6 lines.

I have the "virtualmin configuration"|"defaults for new domains"|"Address format for Apache virtual hosts" set to "always use *"




Which Apache version are you running there? Versions 2.4 and above changed the semantics of the NameVirtualHost line, which makes this necessary.

Funny you should ask... I am running apache 2.2 under ubuntu 12.04, BUT i had been running apache 2.4 under ubuntu 14.04. I had to downgrade because I was having extreme problems migrating php sites.

Is there a list of settings alterations for virtualmin that depend on the packages installed? I would like to go over the list...


Do you mean Virtualmin settings that would have to change when switching Apache versions? No, there aren't any..