Scheduled backup to Dropbox started to fail with HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden

Which log should I be looking at to find out, or provide more information? TIA




Did your dropbox username or password perhaps change recently?

No, I didn't. How can I remove and replace the Dropbox configuration under Cloud Storage Providers? (to rule out/in that as the probelm).


Unfortunately there is no way to do this via the UI currently. However, you can edit /etc/webmin/virtual-server/config and remove all lines starting with dropbox_

Okay, that hasn't helped. Anything else I can check for?

So were you able to re-enroll into dropbox from Virtualmin successfully, but still cannot backup?

Perhaps the destination folder isn't writable for some reason .. you may want to try a different folder.

That got it. Weird. The path was Apps/Virtualmin/%Y%m%d, which had been fine for 17 days. Changed path to Virtualmin/%Y%m%d and backup now completing. I might ask Dropbox about this. Thanks for your help.