System status/monitoring - allow additional fields for emails

Certain email to sms providers (eg require a correctly formed email to be sent to convert to a SMS message.

To send an SMS from your email, send it to [number], with the subject as your source address, your username in the first line of the email body, this token in the second line of the email body and the message on the rest of the lines of the email body.

Can additional fields be added for the email that is sent?



So, are you looking for a way to customize the email subject and/or body that is sent for SMS?

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Submitted by pixel_paul on Mon, 06/29/2015 - 09:08 Pro Licensee

Yes, as it would seem that most mobile phone providers in the UK have stopped allowing SMS to be sent via mail2sms. The above is a service that does however allow it.

The best solution may be to simply write a script that sends email using the desired format, and configure the Status module in Webmin to call it via the "Command to send message to a pager" option on the module config page.