We need a different file manager

Hi Guys,

Pretty please with a cherry on top, could you bin the Java file browser that you have built into webmin and replace it with one that is say AJAX based.

I am sick an tired of having constant JAVA issues. I'm not saying they are your fault, more so Sun/Oracle and every time the blasted JAVA updates I have issues with the file manager.

Plus plenty of browsers are no longer supporting JAVA and or are about to turf it. Or have security issues.





Sorry, we know that Java apps can be frustrating -- this is on our todo list to update the filemanager to use pure HTML.

How far along the todo list does this reside?

are we talking the next few months

or next year or next 2 - 5 yrs?

Sorry to be a pain but we have been putting up with this issue for over 4 yrs, and I just snapped a few mins ago when once again my file manager failed to work because Firefox doesn't want to run it, and this time I can't seem to bypass it.

BTW, there are several file managers that you install using Virtualmin's script installer feature that are entirely AJAX based - for example Pydio and extPlorer.

Hi Jamie,

I was refering you the one built into Webmin, under "Other" In the menu

But if you have a way to swap it out i'm all ears :-)



It doesn't actually replace the Webmin file manager.

However, if you were to install one of those web-based file managers available in the Install Scripts, a user could access those, rather than using the one built into Webmin.

While that wouldn't help the root user, all the Virtual Server account owners could use those instead of the Webmin one.

It's not for the users but for us admins (root)

I unfortunately don't have a specific ETA, though I would imagine it'll be longer than the "few months" that you mentioned.

I'd also like to think it'll be less than 2 years.

It's definitely something we've been discussing and planning though, and we agree with you about having a pure HTML file manager.

In the meantime, you may want to consider a different tool to help -- something like WinSCP for Windows is a good filemanager, and provides a method for editing files. It works over SSH, and can make changes as the root user.

I understand you may prefer to use a tool built into Webmin, but that might provide a way to handle things until a new filemanager is available.