PHP Version configuration screen allows errors

Virtualmin Theme version: 6.5
Virtualmin version: 3.64
Operating system: CentOS Linux 5.2
Using the "virtual-server/edit_phpver.cgi?dom=xxxxx" page, one can set absolute paths, such as "" etc. but they don't work.

Also, setting /subdir/ or /subdir does not work, although both would seem to meet the help text description.

I suggest you add a couple examples to the help description, of what does work and what doesn't.

Also, since the absolute path didn't work, perhaps that's a bug, since if I set to and then accessed via, I wouldn't know which would work.

Lastly, you could also clarify in the help text what happens when you have a subserver such as How to set up correctly, etc?

Closed (fixed)