Script Installers

Can you give me a little help, please?

I want to install WordPress on Virtual Min but the Script Installers have disappeared.

They were on the Virtual Server Information page under New Virtualmin Features. I foolishly clicked the “Hide New Features” button and now they are well and truly hidden.

How do I find them? I’ve checked the documentation and Google, but it seems I’m the only person to have been so foolish.

Thanks very much.

Clair Culliford



Howdy -- hmm, which Virtualmin version are you using there, is that Virtualmin Pro or GPL?

It doesn't look like you have a Virtualmin Pro license associated with your account -- you would actually need Virtualmin Pro to install WordPress from the Install Scripts.

You should still see the Install Scripts link, but it would only contain a handful of scripts, and those don't include WordPress.

Hi & thanks for your help.

Sorry to take so long to reply. I was caught up in a bunch of stuff.

The version is 4.13. This is what my web host gives me (so probably not Pro) rather than something I install.

I’ve used the same host and Virtualmin (perhaps with updates) for years and each one has allowed me to install WordPress. The option to install WordPress was on the Install Scripts link until I clicked “Hide New Features.” Now, no Install Scripts.

I’m no expert on this, as you may have guessed!


What Linux distro/version is it that you're using there?

Also, are you the admin (root) on your server, or are you using a domain that was added by your hosting provider?


Sorry, I don’t know where to find information on the Linux distro/version.

The hosting provider added the domain name I requested. In “Virtual Server Details” it says, “Created on 26/Jun/2014 17:40 by root.”

Sorry for the paucity of details. I pay for the service and up until now, everything has worked well and I’ve had no need to understand the terminology.


Ah, that makes sense then... in that case, you'd actually want to talk to your service provider about the issue you're seeing.

They would know best about the available Install Scripts and applications on your server.

Since they have root access, they could have disabled any of them if they wanted to, or they may have switched to a Virtualmin version without those options.

If they're unsure what the issue is, we'll gladly work with them to get that figured out.

Unfortunately, that's something only someone with root access to the server would be able to correct.

Thanks very much for your help. I’ll get in touch with my host. If they need help, I’ll pass them on to you.