Several domains gone down

This morning, several of my domains have gone down and the common issue appears to be 'mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Notice'.

All of the sites are running Joomla, most 2.5, but one.

I can't find any other possible reason!



Howdy -- what issue are you seeing, that the sites aren't loading? Are other things working fine, such as email sending and receiving?

Unfortunately, the error it's giving you above isn't super descriptive, so I'm not sure what the issue might be from that.

If you create a file named "test.php", and for it's contents, add the following:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

And then add that to the public_html directory for one of the domains experiencing this problem.

Are you able to call that test.php script from your browser?

There is a connection failure, so I cant event get to that file!

I have checked connectivity vis the CP and got:

Problem type Error message Possible solution
No response from connectivity check Response contained no valid lines : File a support ticket with Virtualmin.

It looks like the following files updated on the 17th

yum -y install dracut.noarch yum -y install kernel.x86_64 yum -y install kernel-headers.x86_64 yum -y install ntpdate.x86_64

Would it be possible for you to share one of the domain names that you're having a problem with?

That would allow us to perform some remote tests on the domain to get a better idea of what the problem is.

Both of those domain names use the IP "".

Is that the correct IP address?

If so, you may want to verify that this particular IP address is currently setup on your server.

Make sure that it shows up as a network interface in Webmin -> Networking -> Network Interfaces (or by issuing the command "/sbin/ifconfig" on the command line).

There are 21 sites on that IP address and none were working, but were previously!

Upon investigation, that IP address was missing. I re-entered it and all started working!

How could this suddenly disappear? I am sure I never deleted it?

BTW, thanks for your help.

I'm glad that's working now, though I'm unfortunately not sure how that might have happened. I don't believe we've had any reports of network interfaces going offline.

I suspect this isn't it, but the only thought that comes to mind -- ss that network interface setup as static, or DHCP? If it's DHCP, it's possible that something went awry with the DHCP server somehow.