ERROR: Remote program create-reseller does not exist

We are getting the error mentioned in subject from our recently acquired Virtualmin Pro license. The creation of a reseller account is being triggered by our WHMCS instance.

The Virtualmin documentation confirm the availability of reseller accounts from the Pro license. Can you please advise how to solve the issue.

Thanks in advance -



Our Virtualmin license does not seem to be upgraded at all. Scripts available are still same as in the GPL version. Again the create-reseller program does not exist. Etc. We get "Error - File not found" on "Re-check Virtualmin license."

Plus, we have below information in the system information page :

Virtualmin serial number XXXXXXX Virtualmin license key XXXXXXXXX Licensed domains Unlimited Domains left Unlimited

Our licensing details should be on your records. We request your assistance in a proper upgrade.

Regards, Edouard

Howdy -- what output do you receive if you run this command:

dpkg -l 'webmin-virtual-server

That will show us whether Virtualmin thinks it's been upgraded to Pro or not.

Also, if you started with Virtualmin GPL, make sure that you've gone into System Settings and run the "Upgrade to Pro" option.