Wordpress script

I tried to install the wordpress script (clean server, just installed it), I got this:

PHP module mysql is required ..
Module is not available even after installation!

I checked, module is installed and enabled.

edit: funny thing, I tried to install on test.example.com That's where I tried to installed vtiger and it failed. But when I tried on example.com, I could install wordpress. That's not the first time I notice this, if I try to install a script and something goes wrong, many scripts will fail to install later in this domain, I have to delete it (that's why I try all on test noe, because I know it will get fucked up eventually).

I suggest you try all your scripts with Ubuntu 14.04, not all work (and I don't really have time to do it now)



Howdy -- We're sorry that you're having a problem with the WordPress Install Script!

WordPress on Ubuntu 14.04 actually gets a lot of use though, and I wasn't able to reproduce a problem with that when I tried it just now.

It sounds like something unusual may be going on here -- what output do you receive if you run these commands:

export PHPRC=$HOME/etc/php5
php -m