Backup to SSH server failes without remote /tmp directory


I am having problems backing up to a remote SSH server. This is a hosted service I am paying for, and it seems that they put all their accounts in a chroot jail. As a result, there is no /tmp directory available to me.

When running the backup, I get the error:
Backup Virtual Servers

Starting backup of 3 domains to /home/omniwiki/dp1/dp1-vm-backup-full-daily/full-2009-01-14_10-14-28-d on SSH server ..

Failed to connect to SSH server : Password: scp: /tmp/virtualmin-copy-test.omniwiki: No such file or directory

Backup failed! See the progress output above for the reason why.

I have tried a manual SCP and that works fine.

Is it necessary for Virtualmin to write temporary files? If so, can it not just write them to the backup destination?

I am running version '3.64 Pro'



Closed (fixed)