Where to set the SOA Serial to YYYYMMDD## format..?


I managed to find a thread on this topic but I looked where it said to look and couldn't see anywhere remotely like it mentioned in the older post so maybe it has moved..?

I want to set this for all current servers and also for all new servers as I'm getting the following warning messages -

WARN: SOA field check - One or more SOA fields are outside recommended ranges. Values that are out of specifications could cause delays in record updates or unnecessary network traffic.

Many thanks for your help with this matter if you can point me in the right direction...

All the best




Howdy -- while that's not normally something that needs to be changed, if you do wish to switch that, you can change it for new records in Webmin -> Servers -> BIND DNS Server -> Module Config -> Zone File Options, and there you can set "Serial number style" to your preferred format.

Brilliant, very many thanks... I was looking in totally the wrong place... :)

Got it now, very many thanks again...