Auto try to restart services at failures

Sometimes a serives wil stop hisself or isn't strated again after an update.

It would be a nice feature to let virtualmin monitor the most imprtant services and if one of these wil go down Virtualmin will try to restart that services.

Example: Last night went my Dovecot down. This was due a time correction (13 seconds). A manual start wat needed, only a mouse click in virtualmin.

I should be nice if virtualmin can do that click. Monitor the services recognize that one went down. try to start it.. 2 or 3 times If that fails....send an allert. Even an allert can be sent when a service failed. The message shoud be that service dovecot has failed and Virtualmin is trying to restart it. A following message could be that te services is restarted at 12:665:88 or that the service finaly failed.


Closed (fixed)