Pecona server & tools failed instalation from APT paquage instal

Hello, while I tried to isntal Pecona server and tools from APT paquage instal I have this error; Failed to install package : No local file given

Could you please tell me how to fix this? Regards, Heather



Howdy -- can you describe the process that you're using to install that?

Percona isn't normally available on a typical install, so you would need to do some non-standard things to get that setup. Hearing the details of what you're trying to do would help us determine what's going on.

One example of how that error could occur is if it were trying to install a package using the "From local file" option, but there wasn't actually a local file specified.

I tried to instal it from the software instal in webmin then going to from "APT paquage" software searchthen download the selected one, but it did not work

Ah, I didn't actually realize that Percona was available in Ubuntu 14.04, but upon further inspection, I do see it in there now.

It's part of the Ubuntu universal repository.

First off -- note that the Percona database server replaces MySQL. We haven't done any testing with this, and we don't know whether that will work properly with Virtualmin.

Virtualmin may not work with that setup, but we're not sure.

You're welcome to try that out, but we'd advise caution to only try that on a test server.

To install a package from the software repository, you can go into Webmin -> System -> Software Packages.

There, click the "Package from APT" radio button.

Then, in the text box next to "Package from APT", enter the name of the package you wish to install.

In this case, on my test system, I entered one named "percona-toolkit".

Then, click "Install".

After clicking install, you should see the installation process occurring.

If that doesn't work for some reason, what error(s) do you see?

I unfortunately can't seem to reproduce what you're seeing there, and I was able to install the various Percona tools (though, I again just wanted to mention that this uninstalls MySQL, which may cause problems with Virtualmin -- we haven't done any testing with using Percona).

However, if you wish to install Percona -- could you take a screenshot of what the "Software Packages" screen looks like, just prior to clicking the "Install" button?