Can't restore virtualmin backup

Here we go again! So, I followed the procedure on your migration page. As it turns out, I am migrating from a machine to itself. Was Centos 6, now Centos 7. So, it was formatted and reloaded. So, I am to the part about:

virtualmin restore-domain --source /home/backup/ --all-domains --all-features

And when I do this, I get the following, note I changed the domain name to mask it.

Checking for missing features .. .. all features in backup are supported

Checking for errors in backup .. .. no errors found

Starting restore.. Extracting backup archive files .. .. done

Restoring backup for virtual server .. Restoring virtual server password, quota and other details .. .. done

Updating administration password and quotas ..
.. done

Restoring Cron jobs ..
.. done

Extracting TAR file of home directory ..
.. done

Setting ownership of home directory ..
.. done

Restoring Apache virtual host configuration ..
.. no Apache virtual host found!

Restore failed!

No matter what I have tried, I cannot get the virtual server to restore. For whatever reason, it will not add it to httpd.conf.



Is it just that one Virtual Server that's a problem? Do other domains restore properly?

Wouldn't know, it's the first one, when it aborts, it stops the restore for all domains.

There is an option that you can enable to continue in case of an error, but I wouldn't suggest that if you're seeing a problem with every domain.

However, what you might want to try in the meantime is to remove that one domain's backup file from that particular directory, and then attempt the restore again.

By removing the domain from virtualmin, and restarting the restore, I got further.... Now I get all the way down to:

Re-loading MySQL database oscommerce ..
    Creating MySQL database oscommerce ..
    .. done

.. gunzip failed! gzip: /var/.webmin/ Permission denied

Not sure what permission where is denied. /var/.webmin has 755 permissions just like /tmp/,webmin would. I always use this directory on every machine as /tmp is limited in size, much too small. Never been an issue.

Hmm, that is indeed an unusual problem! Which Virtualmin version is it that you're using there -- is that 4.15?

Wish I knew what permission it was speaking of, perhaps I can change something to get it done? Virtualmin is 4.15 gpl, webmin is 1.730, Centos 7, all patches applied. Fresh install.

Need an idea of what may be wrong so I can get around and get this restored at last.

Temporarily, you may want to try downgrading your system from Virtualmin 4.15 to Virtualmin 4.15. We're looking into this, but there may be a problem in 4.15 that's causing the issue you're seeing.

Confirmed, there is a Virtualmin 4.15 bug that causes this. Downgrading is the quick work-around - we will release an update that patches it properly tomorrow.

I will wait for the patch so I can in essence test it. I can wait a day or so.

Worked for me. Feel free to close. I DO wish to make a request - please make restores restartable. What I find is when they fail, which for me appears often, I have to go back and purge domains so I can restore again. So, if database exists, user exists, etc., the restore fails. Wish it simply over wrote...

Restore should already be re-startable - if a domain already exists, the restore should just replace its settings and content.

Sadly, that does not happen. Unfortunately, already restored, so, can't report the issues. Might as well close this one.