Access controls to prohibit resellers from...

Howdy Virtualmin folks!

There are some features of Virtualmin that we're having trouble restricting our resellers from using.

We're a kind of odd case; we use 'resellers' as 'developers' in the environment, where they're allowed to perform a subset of administration functions on sites they also own and develop. They have limited panel access, and also unix accounts and shell access to the home directories of the sites they're associated with.

We haven't been able to restrict their access to parts of the panel for each of the sites they're associated with, however; some of which could break their site. Here are two examples:

  • 'Server Configuration' > 'Change Domain Name' link.
  • 'Administration Options' > 'Manage Extra Admins' link

Do we have the ability to create arbitrary per menu-item access controls in some way? If not, are you able to add that feature, or add configurable ACLs to those two links?

We may have a few more like this to submit if we're not able to add ACLs for them ourselves.

If there are already options to restrict those two in particular that we've not been able to find, please let us know!





Changed from 'feature request' to support request, just to restrict access to those links. They really can break things if they use them.

Thanks! ~james

Currently, the only options available for reseller access control are on the Edit Reseller page - so if there's no option to prevent a domain rename, then it isn't currently possible to lock that down.