How can I configure virtalmin with Haproxi, Varnish, Squid and apache traffic server?

Hello, How can I configure virtalmin with Haproxi, Varnish, Squid and apache traffic server? The way it is showing in this slideshare presentation

Should I need a virtualmin custom module developped or should I just do a simple configuration of all those servers?



I have done varnish + apache in virtualmin manually.

The trick with varnish is it's highly dependent on the web app, as far as which URLs are OK to cache, and for how long, and which to require no caching in order that they're newly generated every time.

Also, the mobile vs. desktop URLs CAN and often DO have different content, and possibly different caching rules as well.

I'm posting a feature request to manage it more automatically because it's probably best managed by either Virtualmin "core" or by a dedicated module that knows how to talk to both Apache, or Nginx, and Varnish and "get the configuration right".

Howdy -- yeah, as Chris_C mentioned, this isn't something Virtualmin configures for you, but it can be manually configured. There are a number of users who do that and have reported success with such a setup.

Won't a special webmin/virtualmin module do this more easyly rather then doing the configuration manually?

I accidentally posted this response to the wrong support request -- I'm reposting this on the correct one :-)

A custom module for this isn't currently in our plans, and we decided against it when discussing the option last year. However, I'll bring it up at our meeting this week just to make sure our plans haven't changed.

However, it certainly is possible to set this up, it's just that Virtualmin won't configure it for you.

Actually, I think one of the places we're going to start is writing up some documentation on configuring Virtualmin and Varnish to run on the same system. I'm working on that now, it will take a few days.

I am refering to the support message response from andreychek on Sun, 2015-03-01 22:25, it would be geat to have the Haproxi, Varnish, Squid and apache traffic server. I am very happy to have a great suppport and fast response as I am having here, webmin/virtualmin rocks! Thanks

While there are no plans to have Virtualmin natively support those tools, I've been working on documentation this week that will guide a sysadmin through how to configure Varnish on a server managed by Virtualmin.

We aren't able to support Varnish, this is guide for people familiar with how Varnish works to help get it setup on a Virtualmin server.

The guide is still being worked on, but you can see the current work in progress here: