How to create a new virtual website on virtualmin?

Hello, I tried to create a new virtual website on virtualmin and after a couple of website created I only now have the "Create Alias Server" mode option avalable. Please check this screenshot Does this mean that the amount of virtual new server is limited? How can I create more virtual server and not "Create Alias Server"?



Howdy -- it looks like you're logged in as root there, so it shouldn't be a general permissions issue that you're seeing.

How many Virtual Servers are created on your system there?

I already created 10 websites and I can't create any more, it seems the system blocks me creating new websites and allows me only to create alias sites.

Okay, that would explain it. It looks like you have a Virtualmin 10 license, which does have a limit of 10 domains.

You could always purchase an upgrade if you need more domains.

Alternatively, if you have any domains setup that you don't need, you could remove those in order to add additional domains.

Oh I did not know this, in this case I presume it would be cheaper to use any other alternatives such as cpanel wich has illimited website hosting or any other free open source hosting control panel such as

The various licenses and their domain name limits are described in the shop. A Virtualmin 10 comes with a 10 domain limit, and a Virtualmin 250 comes with a 250 domain limit. You can review those licenses and their descriptions here:

If you want to use Virtualmin without any limits, you could always use Virtualmin GPL, which is free.

A comparison between Virtualmin Pro, GPL, and other products is available here:

However, if you decide that Virtualmin Pro isn't what you need, let us know within 45 days of when you purchased it and we can refund your money.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions!

Well, I pay only $10 a month the cpanel license per moth, the reason I wanted to switch to virtualmin was to save on license cost but I see virtualmin at long term is more expensive then cpanel as it only cost $120 per year only for illimited domain hosting.

We're sorry that the Virtualmin licensing isn't what you expected!

If you'd like to request a refund, let us know, it's no problem to issue you one.

Oh, I did want to mention that renewals cost less than the initial purchase price.

So while a Virtualmin 10 costs $99, the annual renewal is $45.

Similar with a Virtualmin 50 -- the initial price there is $149, but the renewal is $65.