Cloudmin Services Access

I've seen references to Cloudmin Services here and there, dating back quite some time, and it looks to fit an need/want for us. Right now, it's a manual configuration to change virtualmin to use the central mariadb cluster, and to denote the DNS children.

Is it possible to get into the testing?

How has this been coming?



Sure, we have a beta you could try out. Do you have multiple Virtualmin systems that need to share a central MySQL and/or DNS server?

Ok, I have issued you a Cloudmin Services licence. On a centOS system, you can install it with :

Commands to install Cloudmin Services on CentOS, Fedora or RHEL :
wget -O\?serial=5559652\&key=VLQKNTEJJV

(Run on your Cloudmin master system).

Thank you!

Is there a "way" to get the currently hosted domains from various Virtualmin hosts into the central DNS, or is it a manual process at this point.

As far as mysql goes, how does it register to it? We run a galera/mariadb cluster with a haproxy, would it be enough to have webmin installed on the haproxy node, and point it to that? I assume webmin is required.