Need multiple hosts in one account side by side in the same folder

There must be a workaround for this. I need to point multiple domains at folders that are part of the same website. So it can not be a subserver because I get a permissions error when modifying the apache virtualhost directory.

Please help, I know others must have this same problem.

must be like this...



_____|------- webproject

__________|------- public_html_one




I found a solution to add extra domains to an account without creating a subserver.

  1. with the virtual server selected, go down to server configuration->DNS Records, create a new domain here or I suppose anywhere in BIND.
  2. create an apache virtual host in webmin or possibly it would work also as another server in virtualmin.
  3. Copy the apache server Directives from the original Virtual Server to the new one and just change the main directory path to what it should be.

Howdy -- we're glad to hear you got it working! You can also set an alternate DocumentRoot in Services -> Configure Website.

Note though that if you're using Virtualmin GPL, and you have any additional questions, you'd want to use the Forums for support. You can access the Forums using the "Forums" link above. We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!