Cloudmin OVZ swap


I discovered OVZ instances do not have swap / vswap. Is there a way to configure it?




Not in Cloudmin ... and I don't think that using swap is a good idea on VMs anyway.

problem is clients expect at least vSwap on Centos 6

You can enable swap manually after creating a VM, by SSHing into the OpenVZ host system and running :

vzctl set XXX --swappages 512 --save

where XXX is the OpenVZ numeric ID for the VM, which should be visible on Cloudmin on the Edit System page.

thanks for the tip.

for auto deploy purposes, it will be possible to run a post creation bash script?


You can define a script that is run on the Cloudmin master after creating a VM from an image, at Cloudmin Settings -> New System Images -> some image.

great, thanks. I'll do a trial run later.