changing servers

I have several domains configured on my test server as I've used it to learn about VM and it's usage.

In the middle of Jan, I will be moving to a production server running REL (test server runs the non-enterprise version) in a hosted facility.

Can you point me at documentation for how to move all the VM info to the new server? Archiving /home is pretty easy, but I really don't want to start over with templates and all the other stuff. Ideally I'd simply select which domains to move with VM and have it generate an archive (tgz) that I can then import on the new server.

Is there a way to simply export a VM environment and then import it on to the new server? I realize I will have to change DNS records and other stuff to match new IP's (but an import could handle that too).

Any pointers you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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