Virtual Create Virtual Server Issue

Hi Eric and Jamie,

I dont know if you have noticed since the last update of virtualmin, but here it goes.

There is an issue with the user interface while creating a Virtual Server. The sub-possibilities such as Sub-server, Alias or Sub-domain disappear.

While pressing the green mark next to the drop-down menu, the possilbities appear again. This is not very user friendly and generates a lot of issues for users that operate with this.

We have multiple virtualmin serververs that are licensed and users that use this option.

In addition, this issue goes for both Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 LTS and seems to be affacted after the theme update, but not 100% sure about it.

Please fix this issue asap. Thanks in advance,



Same problem here too. Please fix it asap because our customers are confused and send messages to our helpdesk.


Can't you click on the "Create Virtual Server" link, and then in the right frame on "Sub-server", "Alias server", etc?

A screenshot would help as I'm not quite clear what the problem is here.

Hi Jamie,

Exactly as it doesnt exist at all. In addition, if I press the green button next to the drop-down menu, it appears.

I have attached an screenshot.

Fail: If I choose the top-level domain and press Create Virtual Server, then possiblities do not appear.

Success: If I choose to press the green button next to the drop-down menu and choose Create Virtual Server, it appears.

This has happend after the newest updates within the last 2-3 weeks. Either general webmin-virtual-server update or theme update.

Please fix it asap and do respond back on it. Thanks in advance,


Looks we have a bit different issues, if our customers press the "Create Virtual Server" button we just see this error message: Error: You are not allowed to create any more virtual servers of any type (we have no limitations - every virtual server limitation is: unlimited - and we try setup 10000 as a new limit but it's not helps.)

After the green arrow push (or change domain name) everything working fine.

best regards, Lawrence

Hi Lawrence,

I havent been specific about that part. Our customers see the same while logged in as their own users.

In this situation, this was a root / administrative login and thats why the look is a bit different.

No matter how you turn it, the issue resides for all users but different errors.

So the issue that you have is the same one we experience :)

Hi Jamie,

Do you mind looking into this asap. As you can see this is not just one case :)

You have right - same issue with the admin user like on your system.

Anyway Virtualmin team always fix all issues very fast, so i don't care about that :)

Our system details are: Webmin version 1.730 Operating system Ubuntu Linux 14.04LTS Virtualmin 4.14

Ok, I understand now .. looking into this.

So it looks like this is triggered when logging in as a user who doesn't have permissions to create top-level virtual servers AND has no default domain set in the left menu. One quick work-around is for the user to click "Configure this page" on the right frame, and from the "Default virtual server" menu to select their primary domain.

Hi Jamie,

It also happens for root access after login and an domain choosen i the drop-down menu.

In addition, that workaround seems to be more complex then the one metioned before.

That being said we are aware of workarounds but this is not efficient for general customers.

It needs to function as it did before the patch was released.

We have bunch of licensed servers, so please fix this issue asap and patch it. Thanks in advance...

The code fix is the edit the file `/usr/{share,libexec}/webmin/virtual-server/ and after line 80 which should read :

$d ||= $doms[0];

add the line :

$did ||= ($d ? $d->{'id'} : undef);

Hi Jamie,

That would mean that we have to fix around 40+ servers with the same issue. As for now, alot of them havent been updated with the latest theme update etc., but i want a patch release instead.

Please create and patch release as we do pay for licenses on all of the servers. Thanks in advance,

I could send you an updated package in advance of the next major Virtualmin release if you like?

Hi Jamie,

If it takes several weeks to release the next patch that fixes this issue, then please do.

Otherwise no problem waiting....

It will likely be a couple of weeks.

Hi again,

Fine by me.. we are willing to wait as we did not push the updates on all servers, atleast not the ones that would be affected mostly by this issue.

Thanks in advance,

This solution is perfect for us too. thanks!