Bandwidth Monitoring Notification Fails

Since updating to Virtualmin 4.13 (and subsequently 4.13-2), bandwidth monitoring e-mail notifications are failing. The bandwidth monitoring data is being collected properly, and the graphs are displayed with current information. However, when there is a virtual server/domain which exceeds the limit, the notification sends out a blank e-mail every time the data is being collected. It is ignoring the setting "Interval between sending emails", and it is not using the existing template for sending the e-mail messages. This made it very confusing and time consuming to even track down where the messages were originating.

In miniserv.error, these lines are now logged every time the script runs: Error: Write failed : Bad file descriptor


Write failed : Bad file descriptor

Please advise on how this issue can be resolved!

Thanks, Alan



It looks like the actual sending of email is running into an error, perhaps due to the SMTP connection being closed.

If you go to Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Sending Email, what method of sending do you have configured?

It's configured with defaults that haven't changed since the original install a few years ago: Postfix, local mail sending, no auth or encryption. Sending mail from Webmin works. We receive disk quota notifications and others. We have also received bandwidth notifications in the past, but they just started behaving this way in the past few weeks around the time the server was upgraded to version 4.13.

Ok, so if other mail sending works then it isn't like to be a problem with those settings.

If you run /etc/webmin/virtual-server/ as root from the command line, does it output the same error? And does it supply any more details?