Both Postfix & Dovecot support IP based SSL certificates but no ability to configure them

I have an issue with a virtualmin installation. I have multiple domains sharing a single IP and a new client that will have a dedicated IP on the same Virtualmin server.

Both Postfix and Dovecot (since V2) have the ability to support per IP SSL certificates and Dovecot can also support name based SSL certs.

The issue is that there is no where to configure the multiple SSL's in either Postfix or Dovecot. I cannot believe that I am the only person that has this issue! If I have a client that needs a dedicated IP and SSL, I can see that Apache supports multiple SSL's easily enough and no config hacking is required. But I cannot see how this is configured for the mail services. (postfix/dovecot).

I am perfectly happy to accept that I may have fundamentally misunderstood this.

Cheers Spart

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Howdy -- Virtualmin supports the Dovecot and Postfix ability to have an SSL certificate for each IP address on the server.

That's a fairly new feature -- Virtualmin used to only support one SSL certificate in those services.

To use that feature, you would give your Virtual Servers with SSL a dedicated IP address (and then setup the SSL certificate if you haven't already).

Upon doing that, you can configure Postfix and Dovecot to use that same SSL certificate by going into Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates, and copy it into Dovecot and Postfix.

That should be all that's required -- though this is a new enough feature that I haven't tried that before, so if that doesn't work as such let me know and we'll get it sorted out.

Let us know if you have any further questions!

Howdy -- I just realized that there is an active request in the Forums regarding this issue, and that you're using Virtualmin GPL there.

Since the Forums are the best place to receive support for folks using Virtualmin GPL, let's take this discussion over there -- and I'll repost my above comment there.

If we find that there is a bug of some sort, we can certainly re-open this issue and have Jamie chime in though. In the meantime, I'm going to mark this as a duplicate and link to the Forum thread: