Menu link removed ?

There used to be a link to go back to the main Cloudmin server if you clicked on the "Open Webmin" link in the main cloudmin server... that link seems to be gone now. Was this intentional or a oops ?



It was removed because I figured nobody used it, since by default Cloudmin opens other servers in a new tab.

Also, the implementation was kind of insecure and hacky, as it relied on the master system passing its URL down to the remote server in an HTTP header.

I used it because I liked it and the fact that the link always opened in the current tab and not a new one. Please bring it back.

Ok, it will be back in the next theme package release.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

This was not added back -- please do this !!

The code has been written, and will be included in the next theme package release.

It's been a while now and wonder what the status is ?

We haven't released a new theme package since this fix went in, sorry..

Can I get a deb package for this ?

Or a part diff so I can added the code back ?