server transfer to another server just failed ( seems a bug after the last virtualmin update)

Yesterday I transferred several servers to a new server, today the same action failed, the only difference is an update of webmin and virtualmin Error below!

Transferring rsataxi.xx to webserver.xxxxxx.xx ..

Backing up to destination system ..
Backup to remote system failed

.. transfer failed



Is that the whole error message? It seems to be missing details ..

Are you doing the transfer from within the Virtualmin UI, or from the command line?

from the webinterface, seems to be related to the update of virtualmin

I did some tests, but wasn't able to re-produce this problem.

Does the transfer fail to any destination system?

don't know only have two webservers, but all went well before the upgrade

How about if you do a transfer from the command line, by running the virtualmin transfer-domain command as root. Does that work, or at least produce a more useful error message?

Hi Jamie,

from the command line it's working correctly weird....

Odd ... but does it still consistently fail from the web UI?

I'm unable to re-produce this problem unfortunately - to debug it further, I'd need to login to a system that is experiencing the problem, and try out some transfers.