Windows Password Support

I thought you may find this useful as it seems to be a key to automating windows deployments.


If you were to detect a windows system this could be used as the windows version of the passwd command for xem/kvm.

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Interesting ... but does that run on Linux? And can it access a virtual disk image?

Yes, it only runs on linux. Found some rpm's on google too. For accessing disk, it takes files directly so the disk would need to be mounted, but I assume that linux password resets would do the same. It is open source as well so if you write c it can be modified.

The program appears to be in security distros like backtrack/kali as well.

Oh, cool. Although for this to be really useful to Cloudmin, it would also need to be able to SSH into the Windows VM, which means that some SSH server and/or Cygwin would need to be installed.

Is it not possible to do a temp mount of the filesystem, and edit the hive with the account information. Thats how you would do this. Trying to apply unix methods to the windows world is not the answer.

SSH server or Cygwin is too hardcode solution. Using built-in solution of Windows remote console (something like SSH connection to linux console) is much better. I use linux program (included in many repositories) called WINEXE. Feature must be enabled be registry in Windows and allowed by built-in firewall (or other firewall - same as cloudmin connection to webmin), but it's opening full remote connection to Windows console by any user = cloudmin for example.

I can send windows commands to enable this feature, if You want.

Cool, I didn't know about that. So is this windows remote console accessible via SSH, or does it use a different protocol?

No, it not use SSH, but MS protocol. But using this by cloudmin scripts would will be same (for You propably easy) as SSH commands sending to Linux guests. Of course with windows commands.

I guess it would require some client for whatever remote shell protocol MS came up with that can run on Linux.

There is a fault here. How can you login to the admin account to set the pass if you dont know it in the 1st place. You have to use ntpasswd program + NTFS mount to do it so you don't need to know the active password.

My fault, sorry. I added my opinion about changing password when system is connected to Cloudmin already (like SSH or Webmin status for Linux).

Of course, this not supply ntpasswd program in installation process (for example by system image).

Probably I had to create a new feature reqeust.