SuSE 10.0 Virtual server

After setting up a virtual server with virtualmin using a virtual IP address the server came on line and operated with no problems. Then I opened the Yast network device module and checked my settings for the DNS server. I did not change any thing. When Yast exected the module it reworte the network settings and the virtual host stopped working. I could not bring it back on line until I went back into Yast and the network card setup. I had to add the IP address to the network card as an additional address. When I exited the module and checked the server it was online. I am not sure what was going on but I have reproduced this several times to make sure. This happens if you change and thing or nothing. I think that when Yast exits the module and rewrites the network settings it wipes out the IP address assigned by virtualmin unless they are add to the network setup in Yast.

Closed (fixed)