Plesk Migration Error

Have a customer I'm migrating to VMin....

Following is the screen when I go to migrate a server (one of 250+) Havn't had any other items I couldn't deal with.. but this one has me stumped...

Downloading migration file from /usr/local/psa/var/dumps/40/56/brenthomes.com_2008.12.29_16.55 on SSH server ..
.. downloaded 27.54 MB

Validating migration file ..
.. done

Starting migration of from /usr/local/psa/var/dumps/40/56/brenthomes.com_2008.12.29_16.55 on SSH server ..

Checking for Plesk features ..
.. found Home directory, Administration user, Apache website, Webmin login, BIND DNS domain, Apache website, Log file rotation, Webalizer reporting, MySQL database, Spam filtering.

Checking for clashes and dependencies ..
Spam filtering cannot be enabled unless email is

Failed to migrate any servers!

Closed (fixed)