There is a feature in cPanel I like and I think is missing in Virtualmin, it's to generate passwords randomly. I know it's no big deal and I can type characters by myself, but find this convenient :)

Also, in some places, like the install wizard, but I know there are few other places, we type passwords in a clear text box, I think having 2 password boxes, or also a randomly generated one would be better.




Howdy -- in System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Defaults for New Domains, there's a option named "Password field type".

In it, you can select whether password fields have one text box, two text boxes, or whether they're randomly generated.

Would that do what you're after?

Yes, for domain passwords, thx, I didn't see this feature :)

But my 2nd point is still valid, if I edit a domain, the only option is a clear text box, as it is in some other places in virtualmin (mysql password during install wizard script).

So are you looking for an option to randomly generate a new password for a domain or user?