I am back in the server business using IBM bluemix yes I know I don't know anything about it but I can use a Redhat 64bit (CENTOS) ?version or Debian 64 bit without a Control panel and I said to myself.....

Self what about webmin and virtualmin if you look at my original account I was around a while with you guys.

I am looking to build a webserver on the IBM cloud Bluemix with the cloudfoundry of GITHUB what product should I use Virtuamin or Cloudmin.



Howdy -- if you're looking to run one webserver, it sounds like Virtualmin may be what you're after.

If you're looking to manage multiple VPS's, or multiple Virtualmin installations, then Cloudmin may be something to look into as well.

If you're interested in using Virtualmin Pro -- since you had that in the past, but weren't using it over the last few years -- if you purchase a renewal for your license, I'll gladly apply that from the day you order the renewal (it defaults to applying from the date the license expired).

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions!