Procmail conf overwritten after Webmin 1.720 update....

hi, I need this and other users could need, you can't force to write to Maildir.


So, PLEASE, next time don't change the Procmail config anymore, otherwise if an Admin sets those variables to /var/spool/mail/$LOGNAME, when the update is done the emails will be written on Maildir, instead.

Please, you have to avoid this behavior.

If you think that something on config should be changed, you should do a backup of the conf (as usual) and leave the current conf in place, and IF NEEDED notify the users about this.

Thanks Best Regards



Howdy -- the only time Virtualmin changes the contents of /etc/procmailrc is if the location of email storage defined in the mail server configuration doesn't match what's in /etc/procmailrc.

In that case, it will change it to match.

Unfortunately, it sounds like you may be seeing a configuration problem, rather than a bug.

If you're using Postfix, that may means that "home_mailbox" is set to "Maildir", which says that email delivery would go into your home directory, rather than /var/spool/mail.

If you wish to use Mbox in /var/spool/mail, you may want to comment out the line in /etc/postfix/ that configures Postfix to use Maildir, and then restart Postfix.

If you had any followup questions -- since you're using Virtualmin GPL there, we'd encourage you to use the Forums for support, which you can access using the Forums link above. We monitor the forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!