Replace Mongrel with Passenger (mod_rails)

Joe talked about this in the forums back in Sept 2008 but I don't think it ever made it to a release and since there is no ticket open for it, I'm opening one. Mongrel is a real PIA and needs to go away. The guys have officially adopted Passenger (mod_rails) as the "preferred deployment setup" ( so I think it makes sense now to bring it into Virtualmin. I'd be glad to be a test subject if need be, let me know.

For those not familiar with Passenger...

Introducing Phusion Passenger



Any news about this? Passenger support should be much easier to accomplish than Mongrel or else...

I'd really appreciate a release containing Rails support like that. Regards,


Add me in for testing...


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Submitted by Joe on Tue, 12/01/2009 - 18:00 Pro Licensee

Assigning this to me, as the first step is on my plate. Will try to get mod_rails into repos after I get the clamav update for CentOS rolled out.

Joe you might want to look in to using they mod_rails version of ruby as well.

Jamie and I went round on this, in the end I needed a ruby that worked and the one that gets installed in CentOS is very hard to keep current as well as load new gems into.

Please look in to using Enterprise Ruby as well as Passenger, I think VM support for RUBY would be 2nd to non then.


Is there any chance of seeing this soon? It was first mentioned in 2008..

Just adding my name to the list of people wanting this. :)