restore domain from remote master server fails

hello i am trying to do a backup from one server to another and restore after the backup is done with no success.

what i am doing on command line is /usr/sbin/virtualmin restore-domain --source /home/fullbackup/ --all-domains --all-features and on the backup i select one file per server. i have try many variations with no success i suppose i am missing something or i am using a wrong syntax. can you please explain the a little bit how to use the syntax? on the above discussion i have see --source and ---dest what is the difference . as i want to run the command after the backup is done should i suppose to use the following ( --source ) as described on my above line? and is there a different syntax if i choose one file per server or each domain

should the source file as its local after the backup is done to declare with the following syntax as descibed bellow?

I would really appretiated some help upon that feature or something more detailed as i am not familiar with the procedure and i am not sure how to use the below [--test] e.t.c parenthesis for the restore to completed.

what i receive is .. Missing or invalid restore file

Restores a Virtualmin backup, for the domains and features specified on the command line.

virtualmin restore-domain --source file [--test] [--domain name] | [--all-domains] [--feature name] | [--all-features] [--except-feature name] [--reuid | --no-reuid] [--fix] [--option "feature name value"] [--all-virtualmin] | [--virtualmin config] [--only-features] [--shared-ip address | --ip address | --allocate-ip | --original-ip] [--default-ip6 | --shared-ip6 address | --ip6 address | --allocate-ip6 | --original-ip6] [--only-missing | --only-existing] [--skip-warnings] [--continue-on-error] [--delete-existing]

Multiple domains may be specified with multiple --domain parameters. Features must be specified using their short names, like web and dns.

The source can be one of : - A local file, like /backup/ - An FTP destination, like ftp://login:pass@server/backup/ - An SSH destination, like ssh://login:pass@server/backup/ - An S3 bucket, like s3://accesskey:secretkey@bucket - A Rackspace container, like rs://user:apikey@container



Howdy -- the error "what i receive is .. Missing or invalid restore file" suggests that Virtualmin is having difficulty finding your backup archive.

If you aren't using the full back to your archive, you may want to try the full path rather than just the filename.

Additionally, there are some examples of using the command line restore options in the documentation for how to migrate from one server to another. That documentation is available here: