/etc/postfix/virtual damaged - emails for domain rejected


We have a mailserver with Virtualmin Pro for which domain:


stopped receiving email - all messages were rejected with "relay access denied".

We noticed that in /etc/postfix/virtual the entry

mydomain.com mydomain.com

was missing and the problem disappeared after it was added manually (the aliases were there untouched).

The last action the was permormed on the system was the deletion of


It seems that there due to a bug /etc/postfix/virtual was damaged. However if I create a new domain and delet it afterwards I can not reproduce the problem.

This link points to a similar incident:


Closed (fixed)


This has happened again with Virtualmin 3.69. Please put priority on this issue which is critical.

3.69 is pretty old .. you should upgrade to 3.73.

That's the comment we had that made us upgrade to Virtualmin 3.69, where the problem should in theory be resolved (the whole discussion was on the ticket before the ticket system changed).

Damn, I thought I'd fixed this ..

Can you re-produce this reliably, or does it seem to just happen at random?

Hmm, that makes it hard to debug .. especially since nobody else has reported this since 3.69.

One way you can detect if it has happened is to run the command :

virtualmin validate-domains --all-domains --feature mail

Regularly, such as from cron. It will exit with a non-zero status if a problem is found, which should trigger and email from cron. Once you have that, you can use the Webmin Actions Log module to see what change triggered the deletion.

I reproduced the problem:

mydomain.com Mail for domain : The mail server is not configured to receive email for mydomain.com

But on webmin actions log there's nothing that can be related to this:

Deleted 198 messages from mail queue Postfix Mail Server root 27/May/2009 17:40 Flushed mail queue Postfix Mail Server root xxxxxx 25/May/2009 00:41 Changed SMTP authentication and encryption Postfix Mail Server root xxxxx 19/Nov/2007 18:18 Changed SMTP authentication and encryption Postfix Mail Server root xxxxxx 19/Nov/2007 17:24 Changed SMTP authentication and encryption Postfix Mail Server root xxxxxx 19/Nov/2007 10:22

ghomen - can you reliably reproduce this, perhaps by creating and deleting a domain?

I have seen this happen as well... all random from what I can tell.

I already tried this and it was random.

You do know which perl files actually write to /etc/postfix/virtual and under what circunstances they do so, right?

Maybe you should list that.

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