Re-Check Config - fails with MySql Error

Solaris 10 8/07
Blastwave latest (20081220 / unstable)
Virtualmin latest (20081220)

After Upgrade Re-Check Config fails for mysql5, but on the system everythings seems to work.

Re-Check Config Output:

MySQL does not appear to be installed and running on your system, or has not yet been set up properly in Webmin's MySQL Database module. If your system does not use MySQL, it should be disabled in Virtualmin's module configuration page.

Module Config Output:

The MySQL client program /opt/csw/mysql5/bin/mysql could not be run because it could not find the MySQL shared libraries. Check the module configuration and make sure the Path to MySQL shared libraries is set.

The command /opt/csw/mysql5/bin/mysql -V returned : mysql: fatal: /opt/csw/lib/ required mapping 0x8050000 size 0x12000, is already in use by file /opt/csw/mysql5/bin/mysql mysql: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory

Command Line Output (Unix Shell):

# /opt/csw/mysql5/bin/mysql -V
/opt/csw/mysql5/bin/mysql Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.51, for pc-solaris2.8 (i386) using readline 5.2

The Module COnfig also looks OK:

Path to MySQL shared libraries directory - /opt/csw/mysql5/lib/mysql

What to fix? Looks like a virtualmin library path problem.



Closed (fixed)