SuSE 10.0 and virtual server create

I have had some time to work with the system now. When I tried to create a virtual server the program created the home dir with no problems. However, when it tried to create the group it sometimes failed. Yet when I checked the system groups with yast it reported that the group was there. I did not remove the group and tried to create the server. This time it failed on cerating the Unix user. I checked with yast and the user was present in the system. The program will not go on at this point and hangs. When I tried to cerate the server with the user and group still set in the system the program tells me that the group and user are present and will not create the server with those names. I am not a programer so I do not know what is going on.

I did some more checking and found that I can create users and groups from the main webmin module, I can create virtual serviers under the apache module as well. To me it looks as if there is someting going on in the virtualmin module?

Kevin R.

Closed (fixed)