Using Cloudmin services DNS


I have 10 Virtualmin servers, 1 Cloudmin server and 1 Webmin (Bind) server. I have setup Cloudmin to provide DNS services for the Virtualmin servers, and this works when creating a new domain. The DNS zones are created on the dedicated Bind server, but for existing domains when I add the DNS feature Virtualmin tells me that the DNS service is not running. Why is it that the same virtualmin server can create DNS on the webmin server when creating new domain/sites but not when i enable the feature for existing sites.




Were these domains created before Cloudmin services was installed?

Yes they were.

The problem here is that Virtualmin tracks whether a domain should use Cloudmin Services at creation time. The work-around is to manually edit the domain's file under /etc/webmin/virtual-servers/domains and add the line provision_dns=1 , then try enabling the DNS feature.