Small account uses all CPU to open email with attachment, takes minutes to open

Very small usermin account 17.32 MB wont open new emails with attachments. All the older emails with attachments open quickly (largest attachmnet size 20.69kb). The new emails with attachments vary in size from 1.50 MB to 5.40 MB. When the email is clicked on the cpu usage sky rockets to 100% and it takes any where from 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes for the email to open. I've had similar experiences with this happening on large email accounts in size over 3 gigs but never on such a small account.

Let me know if you need more info.



Can you check if your system has the latest Usermin version? The most recently release contains fixes specifically for this issue (inefficient MIME decoding).

You can check with the command rpm -q usermin . The version should be at least 1.620.

usermin-1.600-1 :(

The quick way to upgrade is just to run :

rpm -U