Small question about the DNS configuration

good evening, Small question about the DNS configuration of my websites: I love that my DNS is only manage my domain name provider (OVH) for the site only, the advanced MX on my email server provider. How do I set up Virtualmin not enter an IP address without using BIND on my server? Is that possible?

The goal is not, unwanted BIND on servers, and functions of email (Mail for domain, spam, viruses and mailman) but my web sites can even when used Postfix for sending mail from the site (form)

Thank you for your help. Stephane



Howdy -- it's no problem to use your provider for DNS.

If you wish to do that, I would recommend disabling the "BIND DNS Domain" feature.

You can disable that for a particular Virtual Server by going into Edit Virtualmin Server -> Enabled Features.

If you don't want that feature for any domains on your server, you can disable the BIND feature completely by going into System Settings -> Features and Plugins.