SPICE and QXL for improved Graphics experience in the guest

Do You thinking about implementation SPICE to Cloudmin as possibility to graphic output type? SPICE is much better than VNC (performance, keyboard, mouse, sound and USB redirection) and had a HTML5 client or FF extension.

Please read some info from this: http://www.spice-space.org/home.html http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/SPICE

It's really easy to implement.

Thank You



That looks interesting ... but does the version of KVM that is included with any Linux distribution support SPICE yet?

Also, I'm not totally convinced this is worthwhile as most Cloudmin users are creating VMs for use as servers, and so don't care much about console performance.

I am considering Cloudmin as hypervisor manager for new VDI project.

I don't know which version of kvm/qemu has spice implementation in other distribution, I use Ubuntu server only.

But I found some bug reports about problems with enabled VNC and SPICE at same time, so would be nice to add a possibility to disable VNC. SPICE can be added by KVM additionnal commands probably.

Ok, I'll look into this..