using different certificates for Usermin for virtual servers with their own IP address

I have several domains that have their own IP addresses and secure server certificates (primarily for ecommerce). The owner of one of those domains pointed out to me that if they try to access their webmail using their own domain name - i.e. rather than - they get a security warning that the certificate does not belong to the domain. I naively went into customersdomain > Server Configuration > Manage SSL Certificate to try 'Copy to Usermin' , which made secure , but that broke .

Is there any way to use the virtual server's certificate for Usermin?



Howdy -- one way to handle that would be to to setup a redirect so that going to webmail.customerdomain.tld redirects to

There are options for configuring that in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website.

Alternatively, if you have multiple IP addresses, you could take a look at Webmin -> Webmin -> Usermin Configuration -> SSL, and there you could take a look at the "Per-IP Certificates" tab, which may also do what you're after.