Restored sites don't render properly

I built a new server and migrated my sites from the old server to the new server by using the backup/restore functions.

On the new server however, all of my domain names resolve to the first site I restored.

Attached is a picture of my module config.



Howdy -- which of the domains is it that is being served all the time, is it by chance the domain?

You may be seeing an IP address mismatch issue, where some domains are using "Any", but appears to have a specific IP address set.

Apache 2.4 works a bit differently than Apache 2.2, and those differences led to the issues you're seeing now. Virtualmin handles that in a more seamlessly way starting in the next release, though that doesn't help you now.

Where you may want to start is to set the IP address to "Any" for your "dvi" site.

The alternative would be to change all the other domains from "Any" to specify a particular IP address.