How can I run multiple PHP version on Ubuntu 12.04?

I've just upgraded to Virtualmin Pro mainly because I wanted to run multiple PHP versions. One of my website would not run with PHP 5.4 or later, other websites require at least 5.4 How can I run PHP 5.4 toghether with 5.3 version?



Howdy -- you can actually run multiple PHP versions with both Virtualmin Pro and Virtualmin GPL.

However, it's a bit trickier to setup on Ubuntu than it is with CentOS. CentOS has official PHP packages designed to run side-by-side.

It's possible to do that with Ubuntu, but there are no official packages for that. They would need to be manually compiled and installed, and placed into locations similar to how CentOS uses them.

Instructions for this this on CentOS are here:

If you find that doesn't work well for you, or that you aren't using features in Virtualmin Pro that aren't available in Virtualmin GPL, you can certainly request a refund. Just let us know within 45 days if you wish to go back to Virtualmin GPL.

Ok. But can I update from PHP 5.3.10 to 5.4.34 via virtualmin. I want to make sure that I will not messup my server.

Unfortunately, PHP version 5.3.10 is the only version that comes with Ubuntu 12.04. There isn't another version, outside of using third party repositories.

We typically recommend only using packages from standard repositories, as third party repositories can cause problems.

If you do wish to upgrade to a newer PHP version -- is upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 an option? That would be a supported way to get a newer PHP version.