Setting up new server


I'm going to be setting up a centos 7 server and like to do extensive testing prior to actually switching over to it. My goal is to create a fresh install and then slowly migrate my clients as I sort through all of the OS changes.

Anyway my question is will I need to purchase a new license? I don't expect this to be a quick process but in the end I will only have 1 virtualmin server.

Let me know and thanks!



Howdy -- well, it's normally not necessary to purchase a second license for the purposes of a migration. We also have some migration documentation here:

You mentioned it wouldn't be a quick process though -- did you have a rough prediction of how long the migration might take? If it's a few months or less, that's no problem at all.


I will shoot for a maximum time of 12 weeks but it will likely be sooner. I'll be doing a bunch of prep work in order to make the process as smooth as possible.

I suppose the bigger problem for me is that I have to do all of this stuff outside of the normal day to day so that adds to the time it'll take me to get it done.

OK so in that case I'd be able to use my existing license key with the new server?

P.S. thanks for being awesome and allowing this by the way! :)

Yup, that all sounds fine... perhaps you could just shoot for less than 6 months, but we're not going to count, and I'm sure it'll all be fine :-)

But yeah, go ahead and install Virtualmin using your same license on your other server. Also, the documentation linked to above may be of some assistance in how to migrate from one server to another.

Good luck with your migration!

Awesome! Thank you very much!

I'll take a look at the documentation also.

Thanks again!