Warning about mod_php execution

It's great that Virtualmin calls out config security issues such as symlinks being enabled and mismatched mod_php execution modes. But it's a little frustrating when it only offers a count of the number of impacted domains, a warning that things might break, and then nothing but an A/B choice of fix/allow.

How can I get Virtualmin to give me more details about which domains are impacted before doing a blanket fix/allow?



I'm a little surprised you are seeing that message actually - it was put in place to catch a misconfiguration in older Virtualmin releases, but the current version shouldn't allow any dangerous symlinks by default.

It is a bug in Virtualmin if that message appears at all in new installs!

Actually this is in an existing version (Bedinger's) that has been upgraded through many versions of Virtualmin, so it makes sense that it might be valid.

If I tell it to fix the misconfig, will it at least notify me which configs were changed so I can QA the sites?

It won't list the domains that were modified immediately after you click the button - but you can figure this out by looking at Virtualmin's log of file changes. This is visible at Webmin -> Webmin Actions Log (assuming that file change logging is enabled).